Heliacal One

  1. Beau Damion & Vicster - Heliacal One

This was the first collaboration between Beau Damion & Vicster. We are proud to offer up Vicster’s first ever release on our label as well. Hailing from Maryland, this budding producer is mixing it up with his unique eclectic style. Expect to hear more great things from him in the future.

As the music plays, we are intrigued and inspired by the underlying native theme. “Heliacal One” is a fond memory of the travels through the Southwest region of North America. While driving across the desert, the silence and loneliness fills us with a sense of profound serenity.

The clear skies captivate us, reminding us of our significance in the universe. The sunset welcomes us, urges us to move forward to meet the sun’s warm embrace- as it descends to meet the darkness- before leaving us to fend for ourselves.

Although it may seem the moment is sardonic, we are welcomed by the stars as their lights illuminate the darkened sky. We can bask in their cosmic presence, awe at their magnificence, and reflect upon our existence. “Heliacal One” is an astounding progressive masterpiece.

Heliacal One - Single Heliacal One - Single