Xpel Muzik is proud to present to you O.M.F and Ray Mac’s first release, ever. These two promising music producers just had their release party in New York last Friday. You should expect to hear more heavy hitting tracks from these new up and coming artists.

Possession demonstrates the nitty gritty nature of Minimal Techno, amplifying those dark and dirty tendencies of the human condition. Sometimes if we strive hard enough to contain the destructive elements within us, the controlled merely becomes the uncontrollable. We think we know ourselves, but when those forces are torn asunder, it is as if we become possessed. In the end, our possession is our true selves surfacing to existence.

The rhythmic pounding sensations simplify the confusion of primal activity and its justification hidden behind every glitchy noise. This is sure to have you wanting to stomp on a skull or two, yet still feel sexy while doing it.

Possession - EP Possession - EP