Siraph has done it again with delivering a beautiful masterpiece right to your ears. In this song, delicacy and gracefulness resonate, yielding a melody so vibrant yet soothing.

As we listen to Artificial Nature, remember new beginnings: A glorious Sunday morning, accompanied by dewdrops clinging to every strand of grass as they each glisten in the first light of the sun. Awakening to the smell of cotton, a light breeze through a bedroom window, and a radiating sensation of positivity at starting a new day. Sunday is not just any day, it is the last day of the weekend, and we always have to make our Sundays the best days ever! Sundays count the most, because the next day is Monday. Scrambling out of bed for that wholesome brunch with coffee, perhaps mimosa instead, ready to join friends or family- or both- and chat about the recent weekend adventures. This is always something worth looking forward to early in your day.

Artificial Nature gives me that refreshed feeling and easy- going momentum. Must not forget; the piano keys are a nice touch to the song, ceasing any anxiety or anticipation, and sanctioning pleasantries and sophistication.

Artificial Nature The Remixes Artificial Nature The Remixes