O.M.F //


Have you ever been to an event that blew your mind? Have you ever heard a new song that left you speechless? Have you ever thought “Oh My Fuck WHAT IS THIS?”

Born as John Malgioglio from Long Island, New York, O.M.F has set out to stun and surprise you since first getting a hold of production software at age 15. Growing up, John watched his father
play records in their basement and developed a passion for music. After learning to DJ himself John took that concept a step further and started creating his own music. He taught himself production on Ableton Live at the young age of 17.

John then signed his first EP to Xpel Muzik, which received an amazing response. Even though he was gaining success as a tech artist, his passion for music refused to let him stick to one genre. O.M.F began exploring Tech House, Electro House, Glitch Hop, Progressive and then discovered a new and upcoming genre derived from the roots of Reggaeton and Dutch House called “Moombahton“ in 2010. This new genre gave John the platform to elaborate on the sound he had already established for himself. He quickly began using this sound as a conduit to blend Moombahton and Electro House into mindblowing production and live sets. O.M.F’s shows are not only unique, but full of surprises that will truly have you saying “Oh My Fuck.”